Conference Issues

I have several conference related issues that have popped up over the past several months. Some Conference numbers will intermittently come up with wrong password messages for two to three tries, but eventually you will be able to get in. I have another problem where some conference admin passcodes will not play the you will now be joined to the conference message and instead just puts the admin directly into the conference so they just hear dead air if nobody else is in the conference so they think they can’t get into the conference. Both of these issues started happening while I was on 2.11, but I have slowly upgraded and I’m currently on 6.12.65-32 but I would like to resolve this problem before going to Freepbx 13. When I tail the Full log it shows that the incorrect password was entered for the first issue and it just opens the conference with the 2nd issue without playing the prompt first.

I would greatly appreciate any input on what I should be looking at to try to troubleshoot this better. My hope was that upgrading to more recent versions of freepbx would eventually correct these issues, but so far it has not.