Conference Issue

Ok so I sure this is an obvious problem to someone but being this is my first time using FreePBX I cant solve it for the life of me.
I have a linksys SPA942 registered and 2 of 4 lines set as extensions. FreePBX version 2.8.0rc1.2. This was originally installed from the ISO I downloaded of version 2.4. Ive installed the Conference module. Problem comes after I make a conference (123456) and try to connect to it by calling that number, it doesnt work. The line says connected but then drops after 3 or 4 seconds. There is no prompt to enter any pin, just completely silent. The only thing configured on the pbx is the 2 extensions and this conference. So I have no idea whats happening here. Let me know if Ive missed something or you need more details.

what is the log said?

have you install the dahdi?

You need install dahdi-tools and dahdi-linux to make Conference work

so even if I installed the conferences module, I still need to download and install this dahdi-tools and dahdi-linux? How would I go about doing that?



unzip it and install those two package

check the asterisk log file, u may find error message about conference

in the “freepbx notices” section on the webpage it doesnt show anything wrong with the conference, in the sence that no news is good news. as for installing, ill have to figure out how to unzip and install.

ok so I did the best I could for the install using instructions i found. conference still doesnt work. the phone said session not available the first couple times, not its back to just dropping after 3 or 4 seconds.