Conference is alerting attendees that the call is ending when they are in mid-call

So we have a customer that uses the standard conference server and the callers are being notified around 30 mins into the call that the “call is ending”.

Any idea what would be doing this?

With thanks

“Member Timeout” is set to 1800

Found the setting it was set to 21600 not 1800, I have changed it to 0 but it seems to have a problem?

Not sure what you mean

We’d need to see logs.

Hey Andrew, sorry I don’t have any logs. It seems by default the “Member timeout” was set to 21600 in the conference configuration.

I have now changed it to “0” which according to the “tool tip” should mean the conference has no timeout.

What I was saying is that the member timeout was not set to 1800 so not sure why it would activate?

Hope that makes more sense?

Can’t tell you without logs.

how do I get logs Andrew?

So I start the debug and then call into the conference and wait for the issue to happen?

Thats going to generate a huge debug file?

You need to simply show us the lines of logs from when the conference disconnected you.