Conference calls and the admin PIN

I’m running FreePBX
I can’t seem to make the following work -
If I set up a conference room with a admin PIN and Leader wait, the system does not prompt for a PIN. When a second caller joins, the conference works.

The system will prompt for a PIN if there is an entry for a user PIN and a Admin PIN. Is this by design?
I would prefer to just have an admin PIN so that a conference does not start without a leader present,and there’s no real need for a participant to enter a PIN.
Is there a work around for this?

Well - I got a little further.
Originally, I had the following:
exten => 272,1,MeetMe(,scM,)Going through the Asterisk book, it looked like in needed (,scMw,)
I have that in now, and the Leader wait works, but when I put in the admin pin, it doesn’t work.
Trying with a user PIN works, and they are on hold waiting for the leader, but the system doesn’t take the admin PIN.
Looking at the meetme_additional.conf shows a user pin, but not the additional user pin, which should look like this:
conf => confno[,pin][,adminpin]
What I have is:
conf => 1234,123
But it should be:
conf => 1234,123,321

Does anyone have the conferencing working and could share with me the code in meetme_additional.conf ?