Conference call initiated [SOLVED]

The situation is this:

Two interior speaking together …

At some point they want coninvolgere third internal in the call …

How can it be done?

There are a couple of ways.

  1. One of the callers can use the feature in your system for conferencing in a third person.
  2. They can transfer the call to an existing conference room and invite someone to that.

Check your “Feature Code” page to see what feature code is set up on your system to set up a three-way call.

Well the first one is very interesting !!!


Assuming you are using the “standard” FreePBX feature codes, you should be able to use the Admin -> Feature Codes page to find the code for “directed transfer.” Dial that, get the dial tone, and dial the number.

There are some differences from system to system, so your mileage may vary, and different versions of Asterisk and FreePBX might move some features around.

Using FreePBX 13 and Asterisk 13

It would be very important for me to understand how “friatures codes” you may invite a third in the conversation

Can you help me?

Thank you

After some work I found a way to translate the lines open to another extension

Translating the conversations taking place towards the room by obtaining the conference which ones I wanted

Here is sample code:

Action: Redirect
Channel: SIP / 15-000001bf
ExtraChannel: SIP / 10-000001be
Context: from-internal
Exten: 800
Priority: 1

Now I still have to deal with one aspect

If you are talking to two extensions we put 10 and 15

If they want to invite an external number in the conference room as they to do?

Does anyone have an idea?