Conference Bridge

OS Cent
AsteriskNOW 1.7.1 32-bit
DAHDi 2.7.0
Free PBX


I’ve managed to integrate a TE122 card to the Realitis PBX and configure trunks and make calls into the Asterisk PBX by calling 62000-200, and has got as far as hearing a voice message which says that the extension is not available. Being new to asterisk, where do I go from here to setup a conference bridge. I cannot make out going calls however.

Please Help


My setup is less complex than yours so this may not apply but here’s how I got conferences working.

Followed directions here:

I have an IVR so I made it when you dial the correct extension, you transfer to the conference and are asked for the pin. I tried getting it to work with a DID so a specific phone number could join the conference but it didn’t work.