Conference Bridge Question

I am moving from an existing system that has 1 single DID that you dial into, it asks for an access code, and then admits you into the conference (multiple conference rooms are served from this single DID.) The access code you enter will determine a) what conference room it puts you in; b) whether it puts you in as an admin or participant. As you can imagine, participant and admin codes are unique across the system.

How would I build something out like this in FreePBX? I can create the conference rooms with unique numbers, but on an inbound route I’m forced to set it to a specific Conference Room. If I go the IVR route, I’m in the same boat, unless I say specifically Press 1 for Conference Room 1, etc., which I’m hoping to avoid. I was thinking I could mirror the access codes as IVR options, but then they’ll have to enter those twice: once as the IVR option, and a second time when transferred to that conference room.

Is there anyway to ask the user for one input, an access code, and then direct them to the appropriate conference room logged in as a participant or admin?

WaitExten() is the Asterisk function that waits for a user to enter an ‘extension’, (read that as ‘endpoint’ that is your desired Conference).

You would need to construct a custom context around that. I believe a little Googling will reveal a few recipes .

Look at the Conferences Pro module first. If that does get you there, you will need to make your own dial plan.

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