Conference bridge passwords are not being accepted?


We have a free pbx and when we dial conference bridge numbers it does not accepts the passcode/codeword for some reason.

Our provided played around with the DTMF setting by making it DTMF=inbound, and it started to work, but then we started to have problems with our IVR.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Please Help. Thanks

If your provider is using inband, make sure you set
in both the Outgoing and Incoming sections on your peer.

Are the problems with people using phones on freepbx or outside callers? If outside, how are the connecting: SIP, PRI or analog trunks?

Its from then inside calls.

We have cisco SPA 504’s and 525’s.


I am not a expert but am trying to learn.

They had initially set up dmtp=auto, but we had issues with calling in to conference call and they changed it to inband. Then we started to have problems with our IVR. when someone called and dialed our ext. it would go to ring groups and screwed up the whole setup.

Thanks for your help. This worked. I changed it to inbound and was able to make call to conference phone number and then dial the passcodes. Earlier it was set to “Auto”. My provider has no idea.

Appreciate your help.