Conference Bridge hear "We have not received a valid response" then it disconnects

Hello All,
New to FreePBX only about 3 weeks in…came from a Cisco Call Manager and UCCX environment… FreePBX firmware: 10.13.66-22 service pack:… if I dial our conference line ext it plays a message then ask for you to enter the Conference ID once you hit any number it plays: we have not received a valid response and it disconnects the call…I am not sure if I am looking into the correct area: Applications - IVR - ConfBridge
Enable Direct Dial: Disabled
Timeout: 10
Alert Info: None
Ringer Volume Override: None
Invalid Retries: 0
Append Announcement to Invalid: No
Return on Invalid: No
Invalid Recording: Default
Invalid Destination: None
Timeout Retries: 0
Append Announcement on Timeout: No
Return on Timeout: No
Timeout Recording: Default
Timeout Destination: None
Return to IVR after VM: No

IVR is different.

Look in the /var/log/asterisk/full log around a call and show us what is happening in there. That will be a good start. Your setup for the incoming trunk or extension settings might help as well.

Add DTMF logging to your ‘full’ and ‘console’ logs

Try upping the Invalid Retries to 5 or greater & and also set Invalid Destination so that it doesn’t just hangup on the user after the allotted retries.

We had an issue were if the conference bridge code started with a 3, but if someone missed that digit or pressed four other digits, all key presses were considered invalid and would go through the invalid retries very quickly. I set ours to 9, and then also set Invalid Destination to our front desk Time Condition so that maybe the front desk employee could give the caller assistance.

Thank you Mr. Tice,
that was my problem… need to increase the Invalid Retries to more then Zero…and also changed the Invalid Destination too

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