Confbridge is recording every call

I’m using freepbx on 2.10 with asterisk 11.0.1, using app_confbridge

Despite that the “Record Conference” is set to “no”, it records every time.

Looking at extensions_additional.conf, it is hitting these lines:

exten => recconf,n,Set(CONFBRIDGE(bridge,record_conference)=yes)
exten => recconf,n,ExecIf($["${REC_POLICY_MODE}"!=“always”]?Return())

It other words, it looks like it’s turning on recording, then checking the policy variable (which is returning BTW).

Looks like this comes from about line 2070 in core/

Perhaps it is an issue with using ast. 11 on freepbx 2.10 (not necessarily supported)? But at any rate, seems those two lines are backwards.

Can anyone confirm this is working / not working for them ?

Filing a bug is always more useful in situations like this.