Confbridge: 1 DID. 3 groups use at different times but want privacy

So here is the situation. I have one 20 channel DID for conferencing using Confbridge. Three different groups want to use it a different times. What could I do to set it up so that no one from one group could call in and listen during another group’s meeting? Each group values it’s privacy.

There is a logical disjuncture here, how do you expect the underlying provider ( FreePBX, the conference provider) to “know” of it’s “uniqueness” ? With a bit of custom code and the use of the sqlite3 database to peg the uniqueness, perhaps by age of the ident, then maybe… . . .

Stupid Me! I was just sitting here thinking and realized the obvious and simple answer had completely eluded me. All I need to do is use an IVR to direct each group to their own conference room and they will each have exclusive pins for their room. Sorry for taking anyone’s time for reading this.