*.conf files, where do they come from?

Newbie here.

Just curious.

Since every time “Apply configuration changes” button is pressed all the files are re-written, where does it come from?
Are they stored in the MySQL database?

Thank you!

Yes, and a script parses the database and writes out the config.

which script, where in the database are they stored?

thank you!

Have you read any of the developers documentation http://www.freepbx.org/trac/wiki/DevWiki and the notes in the .conf files themselves?

Hook exist in the form of includes to files with “custom” in the names, IE: extensions_custom.conf.

Macro’s such as pre-dial hook allow you to interface at different points in the dial plan.

Suggest you also browser the database to be familiar with the structure.

We can’t spoon feed you 10 years of development, role up your sleeves and get busy.

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