Conditional CIDlookup if CID not in cache

I am looking at the cidlookup script in FreePBX 13.0.98 and I don’t see us checking if the CID already exists in ASTDB before using OpenCNAM to look it up. Is this automatic and thus not visible in the code or not done at all if the lookup source is OpenCNAM? To me it would make sense to first check the internal database before looking outside.

User Superfecta, you can prioritize lookup sources.

Yes, but it’s nice to use supported software when possible. I love all the freepbx stuff and have purchased some of the modules. The Trifecta is a bit over the top for me, but I do like the prioritization. The CallerID that comes back from OpenCNAM isn’t always what I like.

Is there a benefit of selecting “caching” on CIDlookup?

Oops. Maybe I am mis-understanding “extended” module sources. I used Trifecta so long ago I had to grab it manually.