Concurrent calls per trunk

FreePBX 13 / Asterisk 13

I’m trying to get the call per trunk limit to function correctly. In the maximum channels field I put in one, and as indicated in the tooltip, put the custom context in the context field of the inbound calls tab.

Outbound calls get limited, but not inbound calls. I wonder it it may be because I’m registered as a type peer and ther is not other info in the Incoming Tab for the trunk!

I’ve looked all over Google for the answer (off and on for about 2 years), and now I give up.

HELP… and Thanks

I’m pretty sure that’s how it’s supposed to work. If you want incoming limited, you tell your provider.

At least, that’s my experience.

Last time I looked the “pop-up” help for Maximum Channels explained how to do that.

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Inbound calls count against your total (if configured properly to do so) but inbound calls in excess of max do not get dropped.

Dicko: I know about the pop-up, and I’ve been doing it, as mentioned in my original comment. it’s just that despite putting in the “auto generated context” as described in the pop-up/ tooltip calls aren’t limited. I was thinking either I’m doing this wrong (but it seems fairly straight forward), or there’s something wrong with FPBX.

Igaetz: If indeed the inbound calls are counted but not answered then maybe the field should be called something other than Maxuimum Channels. It kind of makes one think that this is the MAXIMUM Channels that will be used. It does the job fine for Outbound Only. I don’t see the point of having the Maximum Channels variable track In/OUT calls, but only act on Outbound calls. I’m sure there is a situation for it, but …

Came up here a few years ago, I never tried it though.