Concurrent calls module

Does anyone know what has happened with the concurrent calls module?

It seems to have broken with FPBX 2.9 and there hasnt been any development on it for 2 years!

Its a 3rd party module, so I know its not part of FreePBX, I just wondered if anyone has any information on whats happening with it?

Module home page is here:

Unfortunately the site admin is AWOL, there has been no known contact with him for almost a year. The project manager (boolah) doesn’t appear to be active any longer either.

I am not sure, but I suspect the (main) problem with this module is that it parses amportal.conf directly instead of using FreePBX global variables. The same issue was identified on other third party modules that broke under FreePBX 2.9. In order to do anything with this project, it must find a new caretaker and be forked. Any takers?

I might have stumbled onto a solution, try this:

Yep that seems to work!
Just comment out the $txt->Pos line !

Concurrent Calls module has been updated for compatibility with 2.9 and released. See