Con not update or view commecial modules in Module Admin

I am not able to get any modules to update I get
Please wait while module actions are performed
Downloading and Installing dashboard
Downloading dashboard
Found module locally, verifying…Redownloading
Error(s) downloading dashboard:
Unable to connect to servers from URLs provided:,
Also if I click on Extended or Commercial modules I get Error did not receive a valid response

Check your DNS settings:

does this return anything?


Yes I get a bunch of lines like this

/news/2014-02-06/security-vulnerability-notice</related_urls>Remote Command Execution, effects version 2.9 and above. CVE-2014-190302/06/2014: fixed#7123<v12.0>yes12.0.1alpha22</v12.0><v2.11>yes2.11.0.21</v2.11><v2.10>yes2.10.1.15</v2.10><v2.9>yes2.9.0.14</v2.9>SEC-2012-001RCEhighmartin6/12/20113/25/2012<related_urls>http://somewebaddress.org</related_urls>Remote Command Execution through ARI03/25/2012: fixed
03/27/2012: related bug addressed#5711, #5712, #5713, #5729, FREEPBX-7104<v12.0>yes12.0.1alpha5</v12.0><v2.11>yes2.10.0.12</v2.11><v2.10>yes<fw_ari></fw_ari></v2.10><v2.9>unknown</v2.9><v2.8>no</v2.8>SEC-2012-002XSSlowmartin6/12/20113/25/2012<related_urls></related_urls>Remote Command Execution through ARI03/25/2012: fixed
03/27/2012: related bug addressed#5711, #5712, #5713, #5729, FREEPBX-7104yes12.0.1alpha4<v2.10>yes<fw_ari></fw_ari></v2.10><v2.9>unknown</v2.9><v2.8>no</v2.8>[root@as4 ~]#

Its not DNS I am able to curl any site from the CLI and ping any site so I resolve fine. Its just the updates that do not work

Try this from the Linux CLI:

amportal a ma refreshsignatures

If that doesn’t work, try removing the module you’re stuck on (also from the CLI) and then installing a fresh copy:

amportal a ma delete dashboard
amportal a ma install dashboard

Also, this might work:
Switch the value for “Use wget For Module Admin” from whatever it is now (default: false) to the opposite. This can be found under “Settings > Advanced Settings”