Computers run slower after install of Sangoma Phones

We just recently deployed all Sangoma S700 phones to a network and unfortunately they are now having slowness when accessing their Sage database. We have run across this every so often where the PC’s will take an impact on performance when running it through the phone.

Has anyone else seen this or experienced this and came up with a resolution. Its only on some software’s that we encounter this. Mostly database/SQL software’s.


We had a couple engineers do benchmarks on these phones mostly out of curiosity and we got full gigabit pass thru. I wouldn’t imagine these being the bottleneck.

Is it consistent enough that you can confirm that the issue resolves when you remove the phone? Or is it more intermittent than that?

Tracing the network traffic with and without the phone would help you identify differences.

If you put the phone on a switch instead of pass through, dose the problem resolve?


When it comes to throughput yeah these things really are full gig. We tested that as well. However there is a difference between sequential writing and transmission of data and amount of packets that can processed per second from different sources. Essentially this phone is a switch.

Internally we run an access database for our accounting. The primary users noticed a big difference in speed, we had to separate the phone out from the PC and it went back to normal.

We had a client a few installs back that noticed a slight slowdown but nothing that made them care so we got off the hook on that one.

Now this one is saying there is a huge difference with Sage. We have NOT taken the phone out of line yet simply because there is only 1 drop to each area. I was just putting some feelers out there to see anyone else has seen this and maybe what they might be doing to fix it. 99% of the time its not that bad, only with certain software’s.

I see what you’re saying. I bet the phone’s switch has no problem with pushing larger and larger MTU sizes, which explains why some use cases have no issue with bandwidth because the application doesn’t sense fragmentation at layer 3 so it keeps bumping up the size to maximize each packet’s payload. While accessing a database with parallel read/write streams aren’t going to necessarily maximize the MTU size but instead just send more packets that are smaller and the CPU can’t keep up.

Have you tried using iPerf with parallel streams? Set the database server as the receiver and the PC as the client and run some tests. Maybe even throw in a small 4 port Gb switch in place of the phone and do tests for that as well and compare the differences?

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Your best bet may be to open a phone ticket at
They can figure out the best course of action.

Ill do some testing on my side first James, I don’t wanna waste support’s time unless I am sure its absolutely the phone causing the issue. Its a trend I am seeing with certain databases. However at the same time they are not running the latest firmware either. I will push that out over the weekend.

This was actually an issue with the database on the server and totally unrelated. Thank god!!! Those issues would be the worst to track down.

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