Computer Audio Stream

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this sounds like it should be real simple, yet it eludes me… if i have an audio stream playing on my computer (a one-to-many conference broadcast is what i’m specifically referring to here) would could i patch that into a conference call to, for example, broadcast over the PA system?


Asterisk has a chan_console driver that can be set up as an extension, then you need to set up alsa to use that stream as the default source, or you might find that a snd_loopback device will make it easier.

Do that , set up the console extension to autoanswer and just add that extension to whatever.

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wow. ok. you’re a little over my head there buddy. with a few hours on google i’m certain i can figure this out, but i need it broken down just a little more.

is there a device needed to play the web audio stream that then feeds that stream into the sound-card of the PBX server that’s running asterisk? or how do i get the audio stream to asterisk?


I would heavily google alsa, particularly the alsa loopback device. it provides a sink and a source that can replicate other sources/sinks. The chan_console device can then take it’s input from your playing stream’s output.

You probably will need to run the stream through sox as asterisk needs a 16bit 8K mono source.

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alright. that gives me something to work with. thanks man.


Get chan_console working first with your speaker/mic. experiment with arecord to set the format of your stream, set alsa.conf to suit. Asterisk likes exclusive ownership of the alsa in/out devices, so that is why I added the loopback, that way, whatever you have going will be unaffected, you are kinda ‘line tapping’ the conference call.

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ok, does this mean the PBX server (which is running on hypervisor) would have to have a physical audio output to use an alsa device?


No, the loopback device is enough.


I’d simply use a (snom pa1) or ( Fanvil Pa2). Both are bidirectional audio and can transmit multicast However I do like the ( Fanvil Pa2 ) better

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it’s interesting that you say that, cause i have just such a device lying around here… thanks for dropping in :slight_smile: