Completely Starting out - Need Direction

I Apologize if this has been asked before and I’m very new to this.

I currently use Vonage and I plan to switch to asterisk using freepbx. I plan to get an IP Phone. I don’t subscribe to an analog service and do want to create an VoIP solution.

In terms of hardware, what should I get? I’d like to be able to use 2 lines to start and eventually move up to 8 lines in the future.

Who do I need to get in touch with so that I could ‘purchase’ a telephone number?

Thanks for the input…

I’d suggest you download and become familiar with the book:

ASTERISK: The future of telephony.

It’s available for free download:


Since you are just starting out - unless you have a spare computer around, you may want to check out a hosted solution:

There may be other providers.
An advantage to going this route would be your initial startup costs. You would still need the IP phones - but from what I hear - these solutions are turn-key, so you can get comfortable with the environment. You can alway migrate to a in-house solution down the road.
I’m partial to the Pbx in a Flash distribution (, but all of these supported systems run FeePBX except for Trixbox - At least they say it isn’t FreePBX anymore.