Completely new mobile integration for FreePBX. A call to support from the community

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Thanks for your question.

Quite the opposite, Ringotel Shell completely integrates with your FreePBX. It extends capabilities of your FreePBX extensions and each user created in Shell would have the same SIP credentials as your FreePBX extension. You can have as many of them as you need and Shell’s users and FreePBX users can communicate the same way as before. You can think of it as a soft phone but with more capabilities.

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Basically, what you need to do is to create a connection to your PBX, then create users with the same SIP credentials as extensions on your PBX, download the app(s) and use them to receive/make calls through your extension and more.

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Well, I downloaded the Ringotel app - and I can’t say I’m much impressed so far - I go to “login” and it just says “connection lost” despite the fact the server IS resolvable, my phone is on the same LAN as FreePBX.

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Hi @dan_ce,

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I would like to note that our solution is not only a soft phone, it’s a could service. You need to create an account in order to connect your PBX and invite team members.

Did you create a connection to your PBX in Ringotel Shell’s admin panel?

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@arroinie - looks good.

please add Go High Level CRM as part of your integration too.

will the pricing of the users increase if integration is added or it will addition of integration connector module only?

can i create different connection name pointing to the same FreePBX server and selecting extensions ?

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@arroinie -

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Hi Adam,

Thanks for your message.

I’ve been on the website of the CRM that you’ve mentioned, but didn’t find any links to the API documentation. If you have one, please share it, so we can look and see whether it is possible to integrate with it.

Yes, depending on the integration the pricing will increase. Although, all the features that are currently available will be included in the standard price.

As for your last question, yes you can create any number of connections to your FreePBX. Also, we are planning a big update on the next week where you’d be able to connect multiple PBXs into one network, so user from different connections can call, chat, conference, see each other’s presence, etc.

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hi Oleksii - here you go -

as for API key can be found under the company settings for each location under Settings --> Company.

i’ve sign up a trial but did not have not get any reply. please let me test it out once you see the request from dr*********


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Hi Adam,

Thanks for the link, we’ve checked it out and it seems that the documentation is unofficial and still in development, so the API could change in the future. Anyway, we’ve added this integration into our roadmap and we’ll keep an eye on it.

Yes, we received your request, thank you. However, we are currently upgrading our service, so you’ll get your access credentials shortly with all the latest updates.


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thank you @arroinie

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