Complete Newbie!

Sorry people, but I just don’t understand how freepbx works!

I have just set myself up in business and have one PSTN line into my office, I want to be able to create an internal pbx system, can this be done using just freepbx installed onto a server and then all my internal phones connected via modens to the freepbx server?

I have looked at the documentation but just can’t get my head round it, sorry if this a really stupid question!

to download an ISO and install it on a decent PC. The one I use is PBX in a Flash which can be had at

You will also need a TDM card or an ATA of some sort to bring the PTSN into your new PBX. For example a Digium TDM400 with 1 FXO and 3 FXS will allow one PTSN in and three analog phones to be attached.

WARNING the ISO will wipe out everything on the PC Server you install it on, so make sure you are aware…

Be specific in what you are trying to achieve and we can help you figure out what you need.

Another word of advices - if you have the proper network cable to support VoIP phones vs. using existing phone wiring and standard phones, you will ultimately be much happier investing in proper VoIP handsets vs. using the existing phones. Your incremental cost is not much more since your alternative is to purchase ATA devices or FXS ports on a TDM card, which are generally going to run you in the neighborhood of $50/port as a rough number. You can get very capable proper VoIP phones starting at about $110 on up each and unless you are looking for only the basics, I would suggest springing for the XML capable phones such as an Aastra 55i or SNOM 360 (or better) to take advantage of applications that can greatly increase the ease of use for users as well as provide rich and valuable applications.

Thanks Philippe,

Your answer along the lines of what I thought I might be able to do.

Will give this one a try I think.