Compatible versions

which are the most compatible versions of the following that are compatible with freepbx-2.5.1:
-Asterisk addons
-Asterisk sounds

and is there an image that is including all of that including Linux in an ISO CD?


FreePBX and this site do not provide a ISO but there are many implementations (distros) that do.

to name just a few and in no particular order:
AsteriskNow 1.5

There are many more.

FreePBX will work with asterisk 1.1 and up to (1.6.1 is currently in pre-release state ad might work but there was one bug posted the other day that I don’t know if it’s valid yet or not). A FreePBX install requires that asterisk already be installed and working before it will install so what version is most compatible is not something that can be answered.

Older versions are well seasoned, tried and true but on the way out (or already out like 1.1).

Newer versions like are the latest release and will work but interesting things might crop up from version number to version number. This has to do with the 1.6 new release model and things can and do change from one sub number to the next which makes “does it work perfectly” a hard thing to be sure of until many have tried to run it for a while. There is also the issue of the first few versions of any new build series of asterisk having to work the kinks out and finding all the quirks of how the new commands really work versus how it’s documented…

If you want latest Rock solid go for a late 1.4.x version. Want to be close to the front try

ok thanks a lot.