Company Phone System Storage/VM

Hello, I was thinking about installing FreePBX and such on a virtual machine. What distribution should I use to accomplish this? I was think about PBX in a Flash? What is the most stable?

Also I have 100 users at the location how much storage should I give the Virtual machine? Would 200g’s be enough without any worry?

You are here in the FreePBX forums, I guess most would advise you to use the FreePBX distro available in the download tab above. If you go to ythe PIAF forum you will probably get different advice :wink:

But the distro is the least of your concerns, they all run well, you should be more concerned with your choice of the Host of the proposed VM, both hardware and software.

Then the question to ask along with the storage question is. Will a Dell Poweredge 515 running 2 AMD Opteron 4274HE work with the VM? It also has a perc H700 raid controller.

Did I give enough info?

You didn’t say how you where going to virtualize the FreePBX. What will be the OS on the Dell?

What works the best? Windows? I didnt know you could use windows for a distribution like that? Which distro allows you to use windows?


I strongly advise against using a windoze based anything on a production PBX server.

What works the best is the one that you fully understand and one where your hardware fully supports it. The closer it is to the underlying hardware the better it usually is.

You might want to look at these opensource solutions:-


You sound like you need to spend a little time with google, a quick start maybe:-

They all run on CentOS and all use FreePBX so one is just as stable as the other. I’m not personally a fan of PiAF because they go a bit script crazy which is an archaic way of doing things. Installing with RPM’s like all the other distro’s do is a much better way to go about things. Installing from source is even better if don’t mind the extra time required. Also don’t like PiAF’s landing page with multi Apache authentication.

However, PiAF is just as good as anything else if you ignore or remove all that stuff.

Virtualization is not a factor in deciding what distribution to use imho.

Thank you for the great info. One last thing for about 100 users voicemails being sent to email and being deleted from the phone server itself do you think that 200 - 300gigs of HD space will be enough?