Company directory from ivr seems to have issues

hi all,

i have several company direcotries each matching its respective ivr.

i have noticed several issues in latest freepbx running again asterisk 1.8.9 and 1.8.11 on the ivr web page:

  • the “Direct Dial” drop down list contains “Disabled” or “Extensions” – after refreshing the page (by clicking on the “ivr” link on upper right) those choices disappear and are replaced by the directory list entries (correct behavior).

  • the Directory “Destination” in the “IVR Entries” section is unusable – if the caller presses the hash (#) key for the company directory, the ‘cdir-welcome.alaw’ is played, and control immediately passes back to the IVR. the directory.agi script returns 4.

It is noteworthy (and bizzare) that if you have custom-contests installed, and you select the has key, then a “Custom Contexts” destination, then “Full Internal Access”, the directory script runs (without agi extension – two scripts are present) and you are prompted for a name.

Anyone noticing issues? Have I screwed something up?