Communications between 2 FreePBX servers?

Hi everyone,

Currently I have FreePBX server at my office in Malaysia (tied to Malaysia’s number +6035XXXXXXX). I am setting up a new office in Australia which has its own FreePBX server. In Australia, I will have a local number too +61XXXXXXXXX. So when in Malaysia office and when someone make a phone call, it will go through the Malaysia’s number and vice versa.

I have 2 questions and wonder you can shed some lights to me.

a. I need both servers to be somehow connected to each other. Example, if I am currently at the Malaysia office and need to call a fellow colleague in Australia. I would like to dial a phone extension number e.g. 2001 and enjoy secure free call. I assume both Malaysia and Australia sites will have site-to-site VPN for better security.

b. If in Malaysia office and I need to call a customer in Australia, I would like to the FreePBX server in Malaysia to establish an internal communication to the FreePBX server in Australia. Then the FreePBX server in Australia will call to the customer via the Australia number. It’s way cheaper instead of using a Malaysia number to call an Australian.

Can this be done? Any tips to get this around with FreePBX? Is this something FreePBX can do out of the box?

Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Thank you.

Thanks for the kind reply. That helps.

1 more question.

My friend’s office in Australia is using an old system here Hybrex G1E Hybrid IP (hybrid solution). I need to setup a freepbx box that extends from this Hybrex box. Basically he has 5 digital numbers and he will give me 2 extra numbers to my freepbx server.

Any idea how to connect between these 2? It’s a little hard to convince him to dump his box after all he is sharing his extra numbers to me. Could I use IAX trunking something like that?

Any tips? Thanks.

I don’t know what you mean can it do it “out of the box”?

You have to configure it.

You need to create an IAX trunk in the from-internal context for the two machines then setup your routing as your described.

FreePbx will do this out of the box and as SkykinhgOH stated you need to create IAX trunks between the FreePbx servers to you have. Once you create the trunk you can build your dial plan to use the telephone lines you have connected the far off server. Build trunks, check in SIP Peers and then test. Need help? I offer live telephone support, no having to enter a ticket and wait. Send me an email if you need more help.
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