Commerical Module Maybe? (when PJSIP endpoints are unavailable)

Hi SangomaOS Team:

I’ve posted about this before, and got a reply with some privately made scripting, and it probably does work. It looked rather promising, and I think it might work for us even.

We were looking for something more official by SangomaOS, and maybe even a commercial module offering.

Do you recall the old script called, “Check Peers”?

This would check (every 10 min) to see if any peer was offline/unavailable, and then send out an email.
This worked wonders, and was rather helpful.

What are we asking for?

A way to be alerted (email) if a PJSIP endpoint goes unavailable.
A way to (at a glance): from the dashboard or using a module, to see the STATUS of the registered endpoints: showing some details for the endpoint (firmware and LAN IP address would be the top two).
Stuff you could get from the old chan_SIP days using the command: sip show peer 101

This could also be done for TRUNKS.

Thanks for your feedback.

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