Commercial XMPP Pro module problems

We have purchased the XMPP Pro commercial module. I will state up front that I have not found a lot of documentation so I am not sure if I have things setup correctly or exactly how to troubleshoot. I have found several posts with people having the same issues but haven’t found a clear resolution.

Here’s where we are-
FreePBX distro
Asterisk 2.11.x
Everything (Asterisk, FreePBX, modules) should be up to date as of last week.
XMPP module installed and showing as licensed.
User Management module installed.

I haven’t changed the XMPP module setting (1) and left it at localhost as recommended in the video. The user creation was not as described in the XMPP Pro video - no XMPP setting in the extension module. I have configured all users in the user management module and have XMPP set to enabled for each user.

Using the Bria 3.5.5.x client - the XMPP accounts are showing as “failed”.

Any help or pointers would be appreciated! Please let me know what other information would be helpful.



Try this.

Change your host in the XMPP module to something different then back to localhost.

Seems the issue is when you have a unlicensed module that you license later it never picks up the host. If that is the case we will put in a bug fix for it moving forward.

Hey Tony,

Thanks for the reply. Everything is working as it should. Once again I posted something I regret :slight_smile: but I’ll go ahead and post what it was for others to check if they by chance have the same issue.

Both Bria and FreePBX (Asterisk and all modules) were doing exactly as they should. I’m using a spreadsheet to import settings for all of our Bria softphones through their CCS (Counterpath Configuration Server). When setting the server for the XMPP account, I just clicked the corner of the box in Excel to drag the same setting to all accounts. Since I was using the IP address to test, Excel (as it should) conveniently incremented each address by one! There is so much info in the spread sheet, and the fields are compressed, so I didn’t notice until I expanded everything and went field by field to check settings.

Sorry for taking up everyone’s time but thanks for replying!


Glad it’s solved and that the everything is working as it should be. Let us know if you hit any other stumbling blocks.