Commercial modules

I have some questions regarding the commercial modules.
I have a Pbx running a registered deployment of freepbx.
I have purchased some commercial modules and will purchase in near future more.So my question is,if i have a disk or motherboard failure or maybe i just want to upgrade my pbx, lets say in 6 months.I know i can create a new pbx and move the deployment Id from my old Pbx to the new one.But i can do that only ONCE.Now supose i have a second failure after 8 months.Will i be able to move the deployment Id to the new Pbx that i will create or am i loosing all the purchased commercial modules ?

Good morning assos40,

You are indeed correct that all commercial modules are purchased for a specific Deployment, and as such we cannot move licenses between deployments. Also note that each Deployment is locked to a specific hardware box when you register your PBX to a Deployment ID.

We obviously realize that there are times when moving licenses would be necessary. Hardware failure being one of them. We do allow you to reset the Hardware lock on any Deployment once from the Portal, so you can register your Deployment to a new hardware box, which will allow the Commercial Modules to now work on the new hardware.

After you have used the hardware reset option from the portal, the option will no longer exist and you would need to contact our support to request an exception be made to release the hardware lock for you.

Thank you for your answer.
Its really great news to know that in case of hardware failure i can request an exception from the support.I think you should advertise this more cause many people will have this issue.