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I’ve paid through the FreePBX GUI for three years of renewals for the two modules that were showing Renew icons in Module Admin. Should have read the email more closely regarding the discount through the portal! The payment seems to have gone through as the Portal now shows that I have support on those modules until 2018.

The only issue is that module Admin still shows a Renew icon. If I Check for Updates then open the details for those modules in Module Admin and then click on Renewals I see the following:

This Modules Free Upgrade period is ending.

Your licence for Free upgrades to this module will expire on 2015-11-16 00:00:00 UTC.

This module will keep functioning, but you may miss out on new features if you do not renew your subscription.

By keeping your subscription active, and renewing before your update period expires, you are eligible for significant discounts.

If you have selected ‘Auto-Renew’, your subscription will automatically be renewed 30 days before it expires.

Any suggestions on how to get it to show the correct date would be appreciated before they stop updating.

I can’t see anything in the System Admin module that would tell me about the renewal status of these modules either.

(Rob Thomas) #22

There can, sometimes, be a delay of up to 24 hours before the mirror CDN is updated. I kicked off an update job, just to make sure. Can you confirm that you’re not seeing that warning any more?


Thanks. Looks like that fixed it. I paid on November 5 so it definitely wasn’t a 24 hour wait issue. Renew icon and tab gone from the modules. Sysadmin is now showing the new dates as well.

One more issue though. Sysadmin is still showing that updates expire on 16 November. My copy of UCP for EPM is also showing an expiry date of 1 Dec 2015. Neither of these modules are available for renewal in either Module Admin or the Portal.

(Tony Lewis) #24

Ahh those need to be hidden as they dont have renewals. Can you open a bug report at for us on that.


Bug report raised. Thanks.

(Tom L.) #26

Has the option of renewing from the module interface been disabled? I am not seeing that option in module admin on any of the systems I manage anymore, it was there the other day.

(Tom L.) #27

Should I open a new topic for this or contact support? I am still not seeing the option to renew support in the module interface.

(Rob Thomas) #28

You should contact support, but, you won’t see the renew option in module admin if your modules are not due for renewal. Check in Sysadmin Admin -> Activation to see when they will expire.

(Tom L.) #29

Thanks for the reply Rob, I appreciate it! Here is what I’m seeing in System Admin -> System Activation on two servers:

There is no renew option on either server in Module Admin.



(Rob Thomas) #30

You’ll have to contact support, and they’ll be able to figure out what’s going on. Sorry!

(Tom L.) #31

I spoke with Chris about it and he was able to help, I did not realize that you have to select Check Online before renew becomes availible. I believe my confusion came from Buy being an option without having to select Check Online first. I think it would make more sense for the system to show renwable modules without having to chack online first. It should be fairly simple as the system already stores the dates in System Admin. On an OT note it would also make the module easier to use if Rollback was in the Action menu rather than the side menu under “Previous”.

I have opened an Issue recommending these changes (FREEPBX-10930).

Thanks for the help and I apologize for wasting anyone’s time with this!