Commercial Modules and FreePBX 13

I see that FreePBX 13 is now released as stable.
I have been reading that it is not 100% ready to support commercial modules yet.
Are you going to officially give us green light whenever it is ready and we are safe to upgrade?

It should be ready now. Can you please link to where we said it wasn’t?

I think Rob is still working on making HA good to go:

A couple of days ago I read in this forum, that you were still working on things. Another commercial module was referenced, but I can’t recall where that was.

We are always “working on things”

You are specifically asking about HA so I will ask @xrobau

@tm1000 Here’s thread with a reply from Tony Lewis only three days ago saying commercial modules are still work in progress…

They will be a work in progress as people find issues. But yes 13 is officially Stable at this point and if you find issues on anything please open bug reports. The amount of bug reports on 13 have slowed way down which makes us feel its time to go stable.

Thanks. I interpreted Work In Progress as not read yet.

Now I’d like to upgrade from 12 to 13, but I see that I’m not eligible to update my commercial modules anymore;
Registered Modules
Conference Pro Expiration Date 2039-08-27 (Free Updates until 2015-11-16)
Extension Routing Expiration Date 2039-02-25 (Free Updates until 2015-11-16)
Sys Admin Expiration Date 2039-02-25 (Free Updates until 2015-11-16)
Fax Pro Expiration Date 2039-02-09 (Free Updates until 2015-11-16)
Xmpp Expiration Date 2039-05-05 (Free Updates until 2015-11-16)
I didn’t bought all the modules in the same day, but they all seems to be expired about 6 days ago!!!
moreover when I bought the fax pro module I bought a 25 years license, but actually I’m not able to use it anymore in freepbx 13 (-6 days!!). To be honest, I don’t remember if you specified that we can get updates for only one year, but I’m sure that it is my fault and I wrong read :frowning:

I upgraded my system to 13 on the 14th because of concerns over this very issue.

Seems like this is going to be the new norm. Makes you worry about bug fixes.

Probably will not renew the outrageous iSymphony license either.

Modules will continue to work just not receive new updates.

Instead of iSymphony, you have the option to use FOP2 , which works well and has a one time cost of $40 per server license (up to $100 if you are getting extra features).
It is a one time cost regardless of how many users/extensions you have deployed.

I purchased commercial modules just a few months ago and I am still be eligible for updates until the first year since initial purchase expires. Now when I update from 12 to 13, do I lose the ability to receive new updates unless I purchase the update option?

No you have updates for a year from purchase.