Commercial module requirements

We’re looking to get a commercial module, and I’m wondering what kind of software requirements there are on the server? We do not run the FreePBX distro. Thanks!

This is pretty much the only requirement. Commercial modules are not supported on non-distro installs.

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Hmm, why am I not surprised? Thanks anyway.

You shouldn’t be. It’s plastered all over the Manual Installs pages that commercial modules only work with the distro installation. You might be able to install commercial modules if you’re running RHEL 7.x since the distro is derived from it but you will need to install Zend and the System Admin module as well.

Part of getting commercial modules is you need to have an activated system that generates a Deployment ID that your licenses are linked to. You can only activate the system with System Admin installed. While free, it’s labeled as commercial (because there’s a Pro level) but it is needed to do the activation.

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