Commercial license registration for virtualized FreePBX

I tried to register a FreePBX system for a commercial module installation via “system admin” > “license”. This system is installed as a VIRTUALIZED hosted service via VMware, but the registration fails with error 761.

Is this a general limitation for commercial modules ? I hope not (I only found that there could be problems with the HA module - not with other modules like XMPP).

Note that my system has to use a proxy - which I had to configure manually (ref ) in order to be able to upgrade or install new modules - but the workaround seems to work fine now - except that I can’t register for commercial modules.


Whilst I can’t help you with your particular error. I can confirm that I have recently installed Freepbx in a VMware environment and successfully licensed the HA module and other modules too.


thanks - so probably the virtualization is not the problem for a license (although I still wonder how licenses are treated if the VM is moved to another hardware server…).

So probably the proxy is again causing problems… I would appreciate if anyone can suggest where to look , because as mentioned higher I have inserted already the workaround for the proxy for allowing upgrading of FreePBX - now it looks as if there is another location in the FreePBX framework php script to be adapted for using a proxy during license registration ???

From my experience licenses are tied to the installation ID not the hardware.


Sort of correct. Licenses are tied to the “deployment id” (which is not the same as the Installation ID), which Zend generates when it is installed based on the hardware. In a VM the hardware usually stays the same because it is abstracted, so it does not change. Usually.

Thanks for the clarification Andrew!


thanks- so the remark on the licenses for virtual machines is not relevant - that’s good news.

remains the licensing process when a proxy is involved. So I would appreciate if someone could provide a fix or workaround for Zend via proxy. Another possible solution could be that I could obtain an installation ID manually ? But maybe the problem is then that the license check will keep on failing afterwards…

I just tried to enter a deployment ID which was obatined via, but also that results in failure : error 818. So the Zend licensing process still fails.

I found some reference for Zend how to use behind proxy ( but was not able to find the right module in FreePBX. Any suggestions?

Andrew, you are suggesting to open a FR - but I did this already for the problem of upgrading FreePBX behind proxy (ref (ref ), for which I found workarounds - although rather uggly ones (updating a php script). This request was moved as candidate for release 13, not or 2.11. I believe the same will happen with this one, leaving me without solution - even no workaround this time, because I’m afraid that Zend can’t be fixed unless recompiled (I did not find a script - only .so file).

Just to clarify you can not recompile Zend as it’s not something that is opensource. Zend also has nothing to do with how we make network requests in the Sysadmin module and you are unable to make changes to the Sysadmin as it also is not opensource. I would recommend that you open a ticket for Sysadmin as well, as the one you already opened is related specifically to Framework.