Commercial EPM module expired due to maintenance

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Hi Guys,

I have purchased a EPM module with 25 years license but it expired after 1 year and after exploring the issue it came to notice that we have to purchase maintenance as well.
So, I have purchased the maintenance for my deployment for 3 years but it still showing nothing in the EPM module.
Please check below the EPM license details on my system admin activation page.

Endpoint Manager
Expiration Date 2044-05-16 (Free Updates until 2023-11-25)

EPM won’t let me add any brand or I can’t perform any activity on EPM module.

I have paid a lot for this module but this is really bad that after purchasing and paying for maintenance I still can’t use it.

Need help guys.

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Not really. The cost for EPM is nothing close to enough to make it a really solid solution.

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make sure everything is updated
GUI or command line with:

fwconsole ma upgradeall
fwconsole reload

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Paid modules get full support included. Fastest way to resolution is to open a support ticket:

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