Commercial endpoint module trouble auto registering phones

Hi all, need help sorting out an issue with the Commercial endpoint manager please. Here are the particulars…

Commercial endpoint manager
PBX Firmware: 5.211.65-12

I’m having trouble getting all of the phones to auto register and populate. Seems hit or miss.

I’m moving from a Trixbox instillation and I’m running aprox 300 extensions (the vast majority are Grandstream phones, a few Polycom conference phones and quite a few PAP2T based devices).

The trixbox install registers quickly and efficiently, but I’m missing something on the commercial endpoint manager I think.

I’ve had the Trixbox instillation in production for about 5 years or so, it’ WAY past time to make the switch. Been a good system though, made me swear a bit and loose a little sleep from time to time… but it’s been a reliable friend if I do my part.

On the Trixbox system, I can take a new phone out of the box and place the MAC in Trixbox, change the servers the phone points to for provisioning and restart the phone and I’m done. It’s hit or miss with the commercial endpoint manager so far and I’m stumped.

That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. We export the MAC table out of trixbox and use the bulk import in the EPM and have switched a school with hundreds of legacy Cisco phones.

You say it is hit or miss but you really don’t tell anything. What kind of phones? if they are using tftp crank up the logging in /etc/xinetd.d/tftp then restart ‘service xinitd restart’ and tail the messages file ‘tail -f /var/log/messages’ do you see the tftp requests being processed? Any errors.

OK, I edited /etc/xinetd.d/tftp and set the verbose flag and then restarted xinitd. Looks like the issue is limited to our Grandstream GXP2124 phones. When I restart them, there’s not any tftp traffic registered, on certain phones only. Maybe this is a firmware issue related to these phones only. I’ll check into that next.

I am glad you got to the bottom if it. The intermittent nature was concerning me.

That’s the strange part… there is some indeterminacy with the GXP2124’s and FreePBX… I have several that work like champs with Trixbox and WILL NOT work with FreePBX, all at the same firmware revs as the ones that do work with FreePBX, and when I re-specify the Trixbox server and reboot they connect and provision correctly. Some of the GXP2124’s work fine with FreePBX without any fuss and they are at the save firmware rev as the ones that won’t provision. The Firmware used is the latest stable ver from Grandstream, which adds some nice features for anyone not using it yet…

I’m tired of guessing - so I’m gonna do a trace with Wireshark and get to the very bottom of what’s going on. I’ve setup a Mikrotik Router with 5 subnets on a segregated test network and specified option 66 pointing to the FreePBX server, so come Monday this should bring an end to the questions.

I applied version of commercial Endpoint Manager this morning (available from this weekend) and my Grandstream GXP2124 issue is resolved. TFTP requests were logged from that point on and all of the wayward 2124’s provisioned without issue. No other changes to software or topography were made.