Commercial Endpoint Manger with Aastra XML

I have a few questions regarding use of the Commercial Endpoint Manager with the Aastra XML scripts. Here are my system specs:

FreePBX Distro 4.211.64-2
CentOS 6.4 x86_64
Asterisk 11
FreePBX 2.11

It appears (as mentioned by another user looking for templates) that the documentation for the Commercial Endpoint Manager actually references a different version of the Commercial Endpoint Manager than that which is available on the FreePBX Distro. (Perhaps that documention references the PBXact product?) Therefore, I am having a little trouble getting the Aastra XML scripts to work with the Commercial Endpoint Manager. In the documentation, it notes that FreePBX users must manually enter the path to the XML scripts (rather than select the XML script as shown in the documentation). I have attempted to do this, but the scripts don’t work entirely as expected. Here are the problems I have experienced:

  1. The value field does not accept the same variables that are in the provisioning scripts from Aastra. For example, here is the value of the Parking softkey in the Aastra template:

topsoftkey2 value:http://$$AA_XML_SERVER_AA$$/$$AA_XMLDIRECTORY_AA$$/asterisk/park.php?user=$$SIPUSERNAME$$&linestate=$$LINESTATE$$

I know I can hardcode the XML_SERVER and XMLDIRECTORY variables, but what about the SIPUSERNAME and LINESTATE variables?

  1. Similarly, some of the scripts, like the DND xml script, do not actually toggle DND on the phone.

I suppose I am just a little lost on this. Is there any documentation that would help direct me in the proper construction of the values I should use for the XML scripts? Or, ideally, is it possible to get the Commercial Endpoint Manager to work just as is illustrated in the documentation so that when you specify a button type as ‘XML’, the value field then becomes a drop-down selection of the XML scripts?

Thanks for any feedback or experience you may be able to share.

The XML in the examples, as noted in the documentation is for only the PBXact/PBXtended Platform, however for legal reasons cannot be put into FreePBX. The Aastra XML Scripts Samples as released years ago were designed to generate config files for the phones, so will cause a conflict when installed at the same time with the Commercial EPM.

Hi Preston. Thanks for the response. I was working on the basis of this thread and specifically this comment in another discussion regarding the Commercial Endpoint Manager and Aastra XML scripts:

Aastra XML / Endpoint Manager Questions

As SkykingOH noted, the only technical conflict is between the provisioning aspect of the Aastra XML scripts, which I have disabled. The XML scripts themselves should work fine otherwise.

In the User Guide for the Commercial Endpoint Manager, you will find this on page 9:

Aastra Template Creation or Edit (For FreePBX systems XML apps need to defined with the full URL)

I understand that there are some legal issues behind these XMX scripts. I am not asking nor expecting anyone to break any laws or enter legal trouble.

Specifically, it seems that the Commercial Endpoint Manager does not allow any variables to be saved through the Template Manager. If you attempt to save the url from one of the Aastra XML templates into the Template Manager in FreePBX, it rewrites some of the characters and cuts portions of the url out.

Is this a problem with the Template Manager? Or is the documentation simply inaccurate when it indicates that FreePBX users can use XML apps by defining the full url?

With the EPM all we are stating is you can pick a button type of XML and then define the string you want. No we can not populate the drop down for you or provide any additional supported means for XML.

Remember most of the sample included apps like DND from Aastra also require other settings to be setup and are outside the scope of the EPM. They require you to go through the Aastra login process so it can setup all the context files in /var/cache/aastra as that is how it keeps track of things.