Commercial Endpoint Manager

I have been using the endpoint manager to manage Aastra phones and I am planning on buying the Commercial Endpoint Manager. When I install this, will it upgrade the current endpoint manager or will it be a totally different module? If the latter, what will be the best way to start using the Commercial Endpoint Manager? Should I delete all the config files that are in the TFTP directory?

The Commercial Endpoint Manager is a separate module to the OSS Endpoint manager. As a result the files generated by either endpoint manager will override the others. To prevent this you may want to have only one of these modules installed at a time.

To get started with the Commercial Endpoint Manager, check out the documentation for it at

I have the Endpoint Manager installed and was wanting to know for the endpoint mappings there is a button to upload a csv file. I did not find anything in the wiki explaining how to use this and what the csv format should be. Can I export the list from the OSS endpoint manager and then import this csv file in the Commercial Endpoint Manager.

Unfortunately at this time there is no migration between the OSS Endpoint Manager and the Commercial Endpoint Manager.