Commercial Endpoint Manager, Polycom phones, HTTP provisioning?

I have a client that has been on FreePBX Distro for 3 years now. they have been staying up-to-date in the time too. They’ve been using the OSS EPM, but recently bought the System Starter Basic bundle. They use only a mix of Polycom phones right now (older 601s, 331s, 335s and 650s). Under the OSS EPM, they used HTTP provisioning. It has worked well. But under Commerical EPM, the Polycom brand only has TFTP and FTP for the provisioning protocol. They want to be able to continue using HTTP for provisioning. Not sure how to set this up in the Commercial EPM. The phones all support HTTP provisioning. Unfortunately, this is also my first exposure to the Commercial EPM. Any guidance greatly appreciated! Thanks!