Commercial Endpoint Manager & Grandstream & STUN

Currently have everything working well for the internal template.

For the external template I need to setup NAT = STUN and set the STUN server variable (some of the extensions are double NAT’ed and STUN has been the only reliable way to deal with them).

Has anyone had to deal with this as well? Can you point me towards documentation or solution?

Trying to figure out where that setting might be in the basefile editor right now - haven’t seen it though.


You can add anything custom to basefile editor. No different then adding them to a config file direct.

Thank you Tony. This was as simple as grabbing the templates from the Grandstream site and looking for the PXXX values (in this case P76 and P52), and adding the Grandstream model to the list of models that support those config vars (GXP-1165 in this case).

This module has saved me hours upon hours of work. Well worth the bucks :slight_smile:

Now if I can figure out how to get these things to reboot from FreePBX. Either that for check for new config every N seconds/minutes?

Good luck on the reboot. Grandstream is one that only reboots if it detects a config file change and only some of the time. Other times it ignores the request.

Thanks for the reply again. I did get lucky (so far)!
and ADDED:

asterisk core reload, and now EPM & Phone Restart module both reboot the phones.



This is already defined in /etc/asterisk/sip_notify_additional.conf by EPM.

Very odd then. I had to add it for the reboot to work. I’ve just tried taking it out again and reloading - now the phones won’t reboot from the EPM or the Phone Restart module.

Do you see it defined in the /etc/asterisk/sip_notify_additional.conf file

Sure enough it’s there. How can I check if that file is loaded? (is the dir globbed and each loaded?)

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Its loaded. Go look in sip_notify.conf and you will see the file is included.

I see that. I haven’t hand edited any other files on the system, and the behavior difference is consistent with only adding and removing that stanza from sip_notify_custom.conf.

This isn’t a production system yet - so I’m going to comment out the custom include, and see if I can narrow down which addition/order (if any) in sip_notify_additional.conf is presenting my issue.

Does the system generate config on a timer, or if I edit these files will the changes stick until doing something else in the GUI?

So, when:


The phones won’t reboot (GXP-116x). I don’t know what the implications of changing the order of that are for other Grandstream models.

actually that is a bug. Their should not be 2 of them defined. Asterisk reads the last one which is why your custom include does not have a problem

On my system I do not have the

So you need to figure out what is adding that. Some module must be adding that its not EPM that does it. Do you have the OSS EPM installed?

OSS EPM was installed by default? I don’t remember installing it specifically because I knew we wanted the commercial module instead. However, I believe I downloaded the Grandstream templates with it as a test (was waiting for your offices to open so we could walk through the portal setup and purchase). Is there a good way of scrubbing the OSS one from this system? Should I just reinstall and reupload all the CSV files I have for bulk extensions, DIDs, and EPM?

See this article,

I was resonding to post #14 referring to his OSS EPM. Just wanted to let him know he was not alone.

Please do not hijack a post on the Commercial EPM to ask questions on the OSS EPM. Thanks

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We don’t use Grandstreams, but our file also has the sys-control for the Grandstreams with no reboot event.

It also contains two entries for [aastra-check-cfg], Event=>check-sync with no reboot event. Do all the models need a reboot event?