Commercial Endpoint Manager broken

Since a recent update I’ve noticed that the Endpoint Manager no longer allows updates

The logs show

PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function endpoint_write_none_ext() in /var/www/html/admin/modules/endpoint/ on line 38, referer:

Either open a free commercial module support ticket, or a ticket at

The last time I tried that I was told we didn’t get any support with the commercial modules and we’d have to pay or try the forums

I’ll try again … might be different now Sangoma are involved I guess

You get free bug support on commercial modules, that is how it always has been. However if your issue is determined to be a configuration issue or other “how to use” a module , then that would require paid support. We try to price the modules so as to make them make sense for all of your installs, but that price doesn’t allow us to cover unlimited support on configuration or site specific issues, but we will definitely take a look at reported bugs.