Commercial End Point Manager


FreePBX 12.0.76
Firmware 6.12.65-28

We provisioned a whole bunch of GXP-2130s with EPM and couldn’t be happier. I’m having one issue trying to provision 2 extensions on one device.
So I’d like to have extension 1111 and 2111 on the same device (2 accounts), I’ve tried the same steps at 2 separate PBXs (same type phone) but having the same issue. The account appears fine on the phone, registers as well, but when you press that account ‘button’ and attempt to place a call by dialing even one digit, the phone gives you a fast busy signal (even though I haven’t pressed the # or dial key)

From account 1 everything works fine, account 6 (the second account I’m using), the second I press ‘any’ digit on the phone, it just replies with a fast busy signal.

Under templates I have the GXP-2160 set line 1 for account 1 and line 6 for account 6.
I setup 2 extensions under Applications > Extensions, under EPM section under extensions I entered the template name and model of the phone, by 1111 I enter account 1 and by 2111 I have account 6.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


I’d like to know if anyone else has experienced this issue and it’s a bug or it’s just me.