Combining FOP2 Panels for 2 different phone servers

Hello Everyone,
We currently have 2 independent FreePbx phone systems in 2 different states, therefore 2 Different FOP2 modules. We are interested in combining those 2 FOP modules so that both office extensions will reside on one FOP2 Panel. They are on different networks but there is a tunnel between both locations. Does anyone know if you have any idea if this is feasible.

I have attempted contacting the FOP team over the phone, via email and via their site, all to no avail. Is there anyone who knows of how we can contact them or who can assist in achieving this goal. Thanks for your assistance in advance.

Not easy to do.
I know you can run fop2 on a different server than where your Asterisk server is, but if that works over the internet, not sure.
You would probably have to add the extensions on your second server to fop2 manually, or add them as custom extensions on the Asterisk server fop2 runs on.

I believe from what I have seen in the past that isymphony will do this and there support is readily available and is us based not to mention fully supported by freepbx

I have 2 FreePBX installs and FOP2 running on just one.

You have to manually setup the users and buttons for one of the servers.

We do not use it much, mostly just for me to keep and eye on all the phones and queues.

The biggest challenge with one install for multiple servers is access to voicemail, I’m not using it to allow users to listen to VM so can’t offer any help there.

Thanks Avayax for the input I will take a look at the resources you provided.

That sounds like exactly what I need. In our case, since they are on 2 different networks with a tunnel between them. How do i get the FOP2 manager on one server to see the other server? Our goal is also to keep an eye on all phones and queues


Thanks Frankb for the input I will take a look into how isymphony could be of assistance.

Not total certain what you mean by “tunnel” My two systems are connected via a VPN.

You only need one FOP2 Manager, on the primary server. It uses AMI to get information from the remote server. I used the information on FOP2 Forums to get mine up and running. May be a good place to look. ( I browse those ones from time to time as well)

Side Note: There is a bug in 2.31.08 that prevents Remote Server Queue Button from working. Not sure if the fix made it into 2.31.09