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Hi guys,
i have a telephony system that using only alaw/g711a(because for that system we only have license for that codec)
the problem im having is my trunk provider has suddenly changed to g729 codec, which i’m having an issue where the call receiver cant hear me.

so my current telephony system flow to callout is

sofphone server( only alaw) > asterisk (can choose multiple codec) > trunk provider( which using g729)

so my question is, anything can be done on asterisk side , so we can translate the codec of alaw to g729 when reach the trunk provider?

Thank you for your help in advance.

yes, by default, the new version of freepbx has supported G729, you may try. before installing that, please double check.

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As @james says. Or, it may be easier for you to add g729 to your existing Asterisk; see for example . (This is quite old, if running a more recent Asterisk search for instructions for your system.)

Though not free, see for a quick way to get started.

Somewhat off topic, g729 is a 20+ year old codec that IMO sounds awful, especially when the remote party is using a mobile phone with its own compression codec. If at all possible, get a better trunking provider. What country(ies) do you call? Landlines or mobiles? Do you need incoming service as well? If appropriate for your destinations, take a look at Voxbeam (UK based) or AnveoDirect (US based). Both offer a small credit at signup, so you can test without making a payment.

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Thanks James!.

@Stewart1 thanks, btw the off topic did give me some knowledge, appreciate it. :wink:

SNG7 Disro includes the free g729 codec.

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Hopefully covers adding g729 to most os/distros

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