Codec switch for bandwidth reduction

Our system has been running ulaw over an iax trunk for a while without issue. Lately though the call traffic has picked up and so there have been a number of problems with uplink bandwidth getting saturated and calls get spotty or dropped as things get crunched.

I’d like to switch to g729 but am not sure how to go about it since if I understand right, it’s a licensed codec? How should I go about getting it implemented? We have aastra 9143i phones across the board, which support g729 according to the spec sheet.

I’m not sure what all info to provide here as a starting point, other than that we are on freepbx - I’ve seen the 2.10 upgrade tool in the module admin list but haven’t made the jump yet.

Just go to the store at and but the number of licenses you need.

Each license is for one channel, I would only run the g.729 on the IAX trunks so you don’t need to have more licenses that concurrent calls. Asterisk will transcode from the ulaw of the phones to g.729.

The licenses come with installation instructions. Basically, you download a little tool to /usr/src that checks your installation and instructs you what version of the g.729 software to download. Once download you run another utility to register your licenses.

The procedure is documented step by step.

Excellent, thank you very much :]

I couldn’t find a store at - is the correct place?

Yep, that’s the one I found earlier after some wandering through the site. I’ve got the codec installed/registered and setup in the trunk config - now all it needs is for the VOIP provider to activate it on their side and I’m good.

Thanks again for the input on the issue!