Codec pick up *8? (SOLVED)

I was wondering if someone could help or tell me if its possible.
Right now I have the EXT all in the same call group and pickup group.
So when the user does not pick up another person and steal the call with
another EXT with *8. But they told me it takes around 8 seconds or so
for it to work. Then I when to the feature codecs and disabled all codes
that could start with *8. it lowered to 3 seconds but I was wondering
if its possible to make it around 1 second?

features.c:7891 ast_pickup_call: pickup SIP/103-000006f1 attempt by SIP/108-000006f2

This is the verbose that happens

Thank you

The wait time is phone specific. On my Cisco phones with Chan-SCCP-B, The customers press a Pickup button that dials immediately. On other handset systems, there are ways to make *8 dial automatically.

A general purpose approach would be to have them dial *8#. This (in some systems) is used as the “I’m done dialing” signal. On other systems, dialing *8 with the handset in the cradle and pressing “dial” will work.

Thank you for the reply,

So the wait time could be the phone and not the pbx? I am running on gxp grandstreams 1610 when lets say ext 101 is ringing and no one picks up then ext 102 is going to steal that call they dial *8 they say takes around 4-5 seconds i thought it was the pbx so is there a way to immediately to steal that call faster?

Thank you

dial *8# and see what happens, as mentioned.

The behaviour you are seeing is expected… probably. Can you clarify this part of your statement “…they dial *8…” is this with the phone on-hook and idle; so pressing those two buttons and waiting? If so, then yeah, it’s expected.

With a phone on hook and idle, dial a regular phone number, but stop half way through. After the same 4-5 second delay the phone will think you’ve finished dialling and try to connect the number. You want that delay, it’s hard to use the phone otherwise.

If you don’t see the delay when dialling a full phone number, that is to say, as soon as the final digit is keyed, the call is connected, then the phone has a dialplan that “knows” the shape of a phone number, but that dialplan does not know that *8 is a complete number, so it is waiting for you to finish. To get rid of the delay, locate those settings and add *8

@matphillips … and that is why it’s “phone specific”. Different phone, different dial plans, different configurations in the PBX can all contribute to the wait time.,

Hi thank you for the reply, Sorry i mean the *8 not *8#
I Told them to just wait those 4-5seconds lol…because they had analog and supposedly was much faster but i told them its just getting used too.

@cynjut so its more about the phone then the pbx? the wait time?

Thank you again

@killmasta93 try *8# please

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@matphillips Thank you for the quick reply, i will try it tommorow as I am not at the company today. Curious question why *8# when on the feature codecs show *8?

Also quick question whats the difference from directed call pickup?
Thank you

No, it isn’t “about” the phone. It varies from phone to phone based on the configuration. It is a combination of the phone and the PBX. It can vary within a pair of identical phones in the same PBX based on the configuration of the phone, but it can also vary from installation to installation by the PBX options and the device type. For example, on Chan-SCCP-B, the “wait for more digits time” can be set at the driver level. There some of that in SIP and DAHDI as well, and all of them can be different.

If you have analog phones, I recommend the “#” trick to initiate immediate dialing. If you have SIP phones or SCCP phones, I recommend dialing the number, then hitting the “dial” button and picking up the handset.

There are several combinations based on the different types of drivers, plus each phone model has its own way of dealing with it. Some phones have “dial plans” which can be configured to recognize certain combinations as “regular numbers”. Some phones don’t. It all depends on all of the specifics of what you have.

Once again - the universal “answer” is to try “#” at the end of your dialed number and see if that works. If it does, it will also allow you to dial extensions and phone numbers as well as immediate dialing your other feature codes without the pause at the end.

@cynjut Thank you so much for the detailed response I will give it a go tomorrow :slightly_smiling:

@matphillips WOW THANK YOU SOO MUCH that was it *8# super fast now THANK YOU THANK YOU