Codec issue? maybe

Hello, I have a problem. I can call, and I have connection but nothing is heard.

I probed.

Test Result
Without router from pc
- trough Ast. 0
- direct SIP 0
Without soft firewall
- trough Ast. 0
- direct SIP 0
direct sip connection
- from pc 0
- from wifi pda 1
- from 3G pda 1
From pda trough Asterisk 0

So I think not router problem.
pc ip 100 with Asterisk and Twinkle Nothing heard
pda ip 102 with wifi working but all port forward (3478, 5060, 10001-20000) are belongs to 100ip.
Codecs speex, gsm, g711u, g711a

What is a problem? How can I found?
How can I test the codecs?

Please write me some cleaver thinks.

I would try a different softphone like Xlite for WinXP or VoixPhone (IAX) or Ekiga for Linux

How do you think do it solve this for ubuntu codec or what kind of problem?
On android can I use win$? Sorry i think it isnt application, it is setting or installation misstake. But I dont know.

it’s not a codec issue, when there are incompatible codes the channel will be hungup.

no-way/one-way audio issues are always firewall related.

But how coming from firewall? I not use router and firestarter service was stopped. how can I testing?