Code different on 2 boxes with same Version? cidlookup

Hello User and Developers of FreePBX,

i have maybe a stupid problem here in Germany.

1 box at home 2.5 upgraded from 2.4 cidlookup does not work (never)

1 box at work same upgrading done cidlookup works fine (ever)

If i install cidlookup source at home on my inbound route, all incoming calls will be blocked. I checked the extensions_additional.conf on both boxes and i see different code for cidlookup. How can this be?

This code is not present at my box at home:

exten => cidlookup_1,1,LookupCIDName
exten => cidlookup_1,n,Return()

How can i fix this?

Thank You for comments and answers.

Happy xmas


try to delete the cidlookup and click the red bar then recreate the lookup and click the red bar.

It looks to me that the problem is that it should say

exten => cidlookup_1,1,LookupCIDName()

Note the bracketes at the end.