Cluster of freePBX with central database

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Currently I have a two server - both are running CentOS 6.4 x64. I have used the freePBX script to convert one of the servers from plain CentOS to a freePBX system (Asterisk, freePBX This is my first dialer while the other is a dedicated database server. The plan is to add more dialers as time progresses and the number of agents increases.
I want to basically change the database from localhost to the dedicated database server. I have dumped the databases from the dialer and restored it on the db server. I understand that each dialer must have a dedicated database which holds its settings, e.g. database asterisk on a vanialla freePBX. Also each dialer must have the freePBX web server running in order to provide the config files.
What is the correct way of changing the database parameters in /etc/amportal? It reads to not manually change the file as it will be overridden by the GUI. I see the database settings are listed under “CATEGORY: Bootstrapped or Legacy Settings”. But where do I find this in the web interface?
What about the asteriskcdrdb table? Can I have multiple freePBX dialers write CDR records to the same database?

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Those settings that say they are auto generated are in Advanced settings GUI now I believe. Enable hidden settings. You also need to edit /etc/asterisk/manager.conf if you want to cluster asterisk db and /etc/asterisk/cdr_mysql.conf if you want to cluster CDR DB and are not using ODBC.

I haven’t done it but the FreePBX part looks relatively easy to do. It’s the MySQL clustering part where most of the complexity appears to be.

Thanks, I have managed to move the database off the dialer to the dedicated db server. I had to edit /etc/freepbx.conf as the changes in amportal.conf would not make a difference. I am not going as far as centralising the Asterisk DB.
I have also changed cdr_mysql.conf to point to the db server. Preferably I would want to have all CDR in one table. I have restored the asteriskcdrdb on my db server. Once I start adding additional dialers, each dialer will have a separate asterisk db. What about the CDR? Can I have all dialers write into the same CDR db though?