Cloud VM - PBX with audio Skipping from a single location

I assume this is a networking issue. I have skipping audio which is now silent for about the length of a single spoken word. Possible this has been ongoing for some time as there was very faint audio glitch in the past where it was almost unnoticeable (or maybe that was even unrelated).

Seems to only occur from the one selects location. I have two other locations and a phone offsite from the effected location that do not seem to have this issue at all.

The PBX records the audio and I hear the locations calls. Seems like those calling to the location only glitch/skip on the locations end and the skipping is not recorded on the PBX. however, I do hear the locations side of the conversations skip on the PBX.

performed a packet capture and listened to the call on the LAN and heard no issues, it is only when it reaches the PBX do I hear the skipping. I am not robust at reviewing the packet capture traffic so not sure what I’d look for that might help isolate the cause.

sorry this is not technical but open to tips for me to review. I have done a few things to try and isolate the cause, but nothing seems to be helping me tackle the issue.

thanks for any help or reply!

Listening (and looking at, but still learning this ) to the UDP RTP traffic within a packet capture and everything sounds fine both on the network and on the PBX. yet the PBX still only records poor audio from the location but the outside party from the trunk sounds fine. HOWEVER the location reports caller sounding bad and I do not capture this on a local packet capture.

I assume there is something I don’t see within the packet capture that is telling me where/what is causing the issue. I assume it’s a local location issue though giving both parties an issue hearing clearly.

Have you looked at the jitter? A packet may arrive but too late to be used for real time audio.

Thanks david55

Here is what I show from the packet capture I collected

Not sure if the loss or the jitter is to high?

I have not seen this when I perform trace or pings to/from the server and location. I have this audio issue on all calls not just a few here and there. I’ll monitor again. Could something cause just VoIP traffic to have jitter?

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