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I’m getting errors on my dashboard.
I think it’s because the cert is not vailed for

There was an error asking for Overview. Check the error logs for more information

I can’t be the only one using this module
Anyone using this and not getting an error.

(Lorne Gaetz) #3

Confirmed. I have opened a ticket on this, thanks for the heads up.


At approx 9:35pm 6/8/2017 CST I started to receive the following message on multiple servers. Looks like it is related to Sangoma RMS, servers that don’t have Sangoma RMS installed don’t seem to have any problems.

Is there anything that we need to do or is this a problem on Sangoma’s end possibly??

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(Brian Haskell) #5

We are seeing the same problem on our system as shown by frankb.


Cool, other people are using RMS.
You know this is a le’st encrypt issue.

(Bryan Walters) #7

As @lgaetz mentioned earlier there is a ticket filed against this and we are looking into it.


Lookie, lookie its fixed.

(Nenad Corbic) #9

Apologize for the delay. It took much longer than expected and that is not ok! We will strive to do better in the future.


Thanks for fixing it.

(Corrado Mella) #11

Broken again.
Certificate not valid and RMS portal dead.
Feels like abandonware.


Should we just uninstall the RMS clinet, seems like its more problems then its worth?? Customers are complaining??

(Tony Lewis) #13

The cert is being fixed. The Lets Encrypt cert again had auto renewal problems. We are moving it to a paid cert so this doesn’t happen again.

RMS remains a Labs project at this time as we still gather more feedback and decide the business case for it and why it remains free of charge still.

(Corrado Mella) #14

@tlewis Please ask if you need specific tests or feedback.
Happy to help.

(Lorne Gaetz) #15

The Cert has been in place since Friday, there are no more errors.

(Ctechnets) #16

I have same error in my 3 server , how its fixing

(Ctechnets) #17

There was an error asking for Overview. Check the error logs for more information.
I have this error now in three server how we going to fix it, please help


Uninstall RMS from you system. The beta is over and never made into production status.

(Ctechnets) #19

Yes sir , i did and its work , thanks