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First Thanks for FreePBX, great open source product. Rolled out a Cloud Base System for a Small NPO spread across multiple sites. Really works well. However, I am trying to configure extensions (30-A25 Digium Phones) to retrieve data from “http://ipaddress/digium_phones/contacts-internal.xml” for a centrally managed internal phonebook. This would be advantageous (to say the least) compared to updating contacts on each extension. The individual phones do not complain of any issues upon configuration, but the Contacts do not appear. Browsing to the URL readily displays the contents of the “contacts-internal.xml” file.

Any insight would be appreciated!

Likely, that file is being built by something that constructs contacts files formatted for D-Series telephones ( A-Series telephones use a different format (

If that’s not the case, then I don’t have a good guess.

Exactly the problem. I uploaded a contact list created on a A25 to the directory, worked perfectly.
Once all phones are configured to read from this URL, future changes can be implemented by editing the one file! Wish I could reconfigure FreePBX to format the xml as used by the A series phones by default, but this will do the trick!


There are a few threads about projects here where people are generating XML files from the phonebook module and/or contact manager. I can’t point to any specifically, as this sort of thing is off my radar, but I remember @sorvani has one.

I use a script which converts entries of the freePBX contact manager to a phonebook-file the Digium/Sangoma D-series phones can read. Maybe you should try to adapt it to your needs?

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I tweaked my Yealink file to work with the A Series. I do not have one to test though. But it spits out correctly in my browser.

Normally, I create a sub folder on the server in the web directory.

sudo -u asterisk mkdir /var/www/html/custom
then i’ll pull down this file with wget
cd /var/www/html/custom
sudo -u asterisk wget
I like to rename it to be shorter name.
sudo -u asterisk mv cm_to_digium_aseries.php cmda.php

Then you can test it in your browser: Manager Group&e164=0&rtype=2

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